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The Wildlife Professionals
Wichita Kansas
Raccoon trapping and Raccoon Exclusion Services

Wildlife conflicts cause a lot of damage every year for property owners .This can be very frustrating for all concerned.

Wichita KS  technicians are trained in true Bat Squirrel Raccoon and Wildlife Removal and Control!

Experience and the love of wildlife ensures complete and humane conclusions to all conflicts.

Wichita Wildlife Control and Removal Experts!

If you answer yes to any of the below, it is time to call us!

Do you have squirrels in the attic Wichita? Do you have raccoons in the attic? are you hearing unexplained sounds coming from the attic? is there scratching in the wall. Wichita have you seen Raccoon in the trash at night? have you seen or heard Raccoon in the attic ? have you found a Raccoon in the basement or attic space? have you heard unexplained noises in the chimney? smelling foul odors that may be a Raccoon under your house or in the crawlspace and heating ducts Akron? Do you need Raccoon removal from your home? Do you need Raccoon control? do you have raccoon in the attic Akron? are you hearing scratching noises in the ceiling? are there Raccoons up in the attic Akron? have you seen Raccoons entering into the eaves of your home?

We also provide Bat Raccoon Squirrel Removal for Ft. Riley Ks, Raccoon Removal  Junction City, ks Squirrel Removal ,  Lawrence KS Snake Removal,  Manhattan KS , Bat Removal Mcconnell Afb KS,   Topeka KS  , Wichita KS ,  Kawvalley KS Kansas

The wildlife Professionals of Wichita Kansas can remove bats squirrels raccoons opossum and rodents from
eaves attic and soffit  areas of your home.
We specialize in Raccoon Removal in Wichita Kansas

Raccoons in Wichita Kansas are tenacious animals and are to be respected. Raccoons have fantastic dexterity in their hands or paws and can tear trash can lids clean off with the least amount of energy. Raccoons love their natural habitat even in  the Wichita Kansas Area , though are starting to urbanize themselves so to speak with the encroachment of man and civilization.

In the last decade alone the reports of raccoons entering the Wichita Kensas neighborhood homes and buildings has sky rocketed and a new industry was born.

The Wichita Raccoon has identified a few key areas of homes to live in and start families such as the Basement, Attic space, Soffit or eves, and the chimney areas of your Wichita homes.

Wichita Kansas Nuisance Wildlife Raccoon Removal has became one of many facets of nuisance wildlife removal. Like all other wildlife species such as Bats, Rats, Rodents, Possums, and squirrels; Raccoon have found their way into the fold of Nuisance wildlife removal Services all over the nation.

The common raccoon in Wichita looks cute and cuddly and all, But in reality a mom raccoon that has baby raccoons close by can  be a fearsome animal to deal with . Mom raccoon will literally attack anything she deems a threat that includes your dogs, cats and even you or your children.

It is unfortunate that raccoon are known carriers of distemper. this does not mean they themselves have it, but they can deliver it to other species. Raccoons in the Wichita area also carry flees, botulism, e coli,  and even rabies on their bodies, feces or saliva. So this also another reason to watch these fascinating creature from a distance. Raccoon removal in Wichita is the only true fix to this situation.

So if you are hearing noises in the floor boards, Scratching in the attic, foul smells coming from the walls or ceiling, Or you notice things happening that simply should not, Its probably not a ghost! lol But seriously call a nuisance Wildlife Professional for help.

Wichita Kansas Raccoon removal in the attic can be difficult to deal with. In Wichita Kansas raccoons are becoming an alarmingly frequent issue homeowners are dealing with, so much so that insurance companies are starting to cover the damage that raccoons in Wichita cause!  Raccoons can get into your chimney , attic, Soffit area and even your crawlspace were they can reek havoc on the HVAC duct work. We see raccoons as well as opossum in this Wichita activity daily.

We Specialize in Wichita Bat removal, Wichita KS Squirrel Removal, Wichita KS Raccoon Removal, Wichita KS Skunk Removal, Wichita KS opossum Removal, Wichita KS Snake removal, Wichita KS Poisonous Snake Removal, Wichita Copperhead Rattlesnake removal, Coyote removal in Wichita Kansas and surrounding areas.

Servicing Wichita, KS, Kansas, Delano, Sunflower, Orchard Park, North Riverside, El Pueblo, Benjamin Hills, Pleasant Valley, Sherwood Glen, Rolling Hills, Westlink, Maize, Colwich, Riverview, Valley Center, College Hill, East Borough, Village, Beech Factory, Cottonwood Village, Chisholm Creek, Northeast Heights, Bel Aire, Park City, Kechi, Whitewater, Monarch Landing, Andover, Benton, Towanda, El Dorado, Hilltop, Grandview Heights, Planeview United, South Area, Park Meadows, Augusta, Oaklawn-Sunview, Oakview, Southwind, Derby, Cook, Rose Hill, Mulvane, Haysville, Seneca, South Seneca, South City, South West Wichita, South Central, Stanley, Aley, McCormick, Peck, Clearwater, Goddard, Sedgwick, Newton, and Halstead.

Wichita Kansas Raccoon Removal
In Wichita as like most states in our great nation Raccoons are abundant. Raccoons have learned that the attics Chimneys and soffits of our homes can be a safe place to have babies and live. Wichita Kansas Raccoon Removal is only the first step. Exclusion of the raccoons in the attic is Paramount to conclusion of issue.Whether is bats squirrels raccoons or rodents in your attic The Wildlife Professionals of Wichita can trap and remove them from your property.

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