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Shreveport, LA Bird Control And Brid Removal Service

The Wildlife Professionals

Bird Control and Bird Removal
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Bird Control and Bird Removal from your house or business first and foremost needs to accomplished by professionals in wild pest bird removal and bird control officers to ensure humane and effective measures to end your bird conflict.

Most Nuisance Bird such as Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows issues can be controlled humanely and efficiently with the right Wildlife Professional

Bird disease is in the national spot light, with the avian flu and the West Nile Flu it is important to have a trained pest Bird control Professional to help you with your wild pest bird conflict in Shreveport Louisiana .

Most calls to our office concern defecation on cars and building and the nuisance that nuisance pest birds cause.Everyone is familiar with the fresh waxed car hit by pest bird crap. some ask what's the point in washing our car if we can't enjoy it.  Another caller described a bird infestation where a group of birds were able to gain access to an area that was not visited very often in a building and literally the birds stunk up the place with poop and urine.
Damage from birds are an extremely hot topic through out  our nation. Business owners can not stand for bird poop to be on their sales floor, especially cars sales and new home sales. Windows and siding are also targets of these nuisance birds.
Parks and Recreation centers have an increased awareness in nuisance bird work recently due to the fact that species such as Starlings and other small birds have taken a lot of small parks and recreational centers hostage and are reeking havoc.  

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