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How do I get rid of snakes in my yard?

Snakes are carnivorous animals and hunt live prey.  A Fort Worth, Texas snake will only be seen in an area that prey is a relevant source. If you see a snake in your yard that is usually a red flag that you have a larger issue whether it is pest control or nuisance wildlife is based upon the issue.

Small snakes such as pine snakes, ring neck black snakes, eastern milk snake and garter snakes will feed on insects that are naturally in your landscaping and gardens.

Larger snakes in Fort Worth, Texas such as the king snake and the Black Rat Snake are the big snakes that like to feed on bird eggs, frogs, and as they grow to a larger size feed on mice and rats. These fantastic snakes will follow the rodent anywhere to feed on them. 

Sometimes when a homeowner has a rodent issue they may not even know about the issue till the snake shows up. The snake is simply there to handle the issue.

It can be scary to say the least when this snake is seen in the home. Nightmares can happen. This is the reason snakes in the house are killed more than saved. 

Why is there a snake in my house?

Again the snake is there simply to feed. Most Fort Worth, Texas house snakes are docile and non aggressive. Never handle a snake. Professionals should be called in to identify the species of snake in your house. A docile snake can become aggressive if provoked or mishandled. Snake traps can be places to catch any loose unwelcome snake or snakes in the area.

Do venomous snakes invade homes?
Unfortunately yes they do!!! Each year venomous snakes find their way into yards, into pools, and into homes. Anytime you have a Fort Worth, Texas snake issue call wildlife pro to help! Better safe than sorry! If bitten anti venom will need to be induced intravenously and tissue damage can still occur.

Why are non-venomous snakes attracted to homes and business?
Non-venomous snake such as the common rat snake will search for food and find it almost everywhere and this includes our homes and business. Pest control companies like to use pesticides and snap traps to rid a structure of pests and rodents. Poisons and simple traps only become a band-aid fix to the overall issue. If the pest control company fails in pest control than the first evolutionary fix steps in. snakes are a natural fix to pest control and rodent control. Though most wives will disagree! 

Why do we fear snakes in Fort Worth, TX .
It’s a natural thing to fear snakes. Most of us have grown up being told that snake are evil and must be destroyed on sight. Some of us have had nightmares of reptiles and snakes and cannot even look at one! Snakes are harmless even to the most venomous snake. A snake simply wants to hunt safe food, eat, sleep and procreate! Sound like any species we know?

Do Snake repellents work in Fort Worth, TX ?
Snake repellents differ and to answer that question is YES and NO, Snake repellents in the home, house or business have shown positive results. Though there are numerous repellents on the market. 

As a wildlife or Fort Worth, Texas snake expert I have found that identifying the species of snake and the reason the snake has decided to hunt in that area has a great impact on the type of repellent used.

The fact remains that certain repellents work on certain species of snake while other repellents work on other species of snakes.
Speak with your Snake professional for the correct process!

How do I buy a snake trap?
 You can buy a snake trap online. Though the proper placement can be extremely difficult. The placement of a trap when it comes to trapping a snake can be difficult and dangerous. When you find a snakeskin in the house, call a professional. 

What does a snakeskin in the attic mean?
A snakeskin found in the attic simply means that a snake has spent an extended time in that area. If a snake has spent an extended time in that area it is a sure thing that the snake had a food source and a water source and most likely will still be residing in that same attic.

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Snake in my couch in Fort Worth, Texas !
Some of the calls we get are from homeowners calling about a snake that has crawled into a couch or love seat. Snakes will crawl or slither into the tightest of spaces. This includes couch, love seat, stove, refrigerator and cabinets.

Snake in my bathroom in Fort Worth, Texas .
A snake in the bathroom is a typical call in snake removal. Snakes find their way into a structure via the plumbing. Plumbing pipes seem to have larger whole that the plumping pipe goes through, this gap allows rodents, and snake to gain access to homes, trailers and business alike! 

Gopher control and removal in Fort Worth Texas.
The Wildlife Professionals can trap and remove gophers from Texas homes, Country Clubs and parks. Call us and enjoy gopher free in your yards and turf.

Fort Worth, TX .Snake removal can be a daunting task. Snake control can be achieved; snake removal in Snake Control and snake removal snake can help you out. From garter snakes, garden snakes, Rattlesnake, Coral Snake, Water Moccasin, King Snake, Corn Snake, Bull Snake, Racer Snake, Black Racer, Pine Snake , Red neck Snake, Water snake, Rat Snake and even copperhead - The Wildlife Professionals Snake Removal Services of Fort Worth, TX .are here to help.
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