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Snake Removal in Lakeland, FL can be a very dangerous task indeed. Not all snakes are venomous, though it be very difficult even for a trained eye to classify a snake when it is loose in a house. When you find a snake in your house or a snake in the basement of your house it could be a terribly terrifying experience for just about anyone. 

Snakes are fantastic creatures and should be respected even if feared. All snakes serve a purpose and should be allowed to serve it. Although a snake in the house or even a snake in the yard can be a nuisance for all involved and a wildlife professional should be called to solve this conflict.

Snakes in the Garage in Lakeland, FL :
Snake often find a garage as a great place to find food and shelter. a lot of non poisonous snakes love to feed off of insects and mice in a garage. Poisonous snakes have been also found in garage. Homeowners will often leave the garage door open in warm weather often to do garden work, washing the car in the driveway or even kids coming and going. 

Western Rat Snake having a rattlesnake for lunch

The Poison and Drug Information Center Call (800-222-1222)
maintains a list of which types of antivenins (sometimes called antivenoms)
are available and can advise a physician where to call in the event of a
bite from a venomous snake

Snake in the house in Lakeland, FL :
This is the most often call I get each year. From a snake in the bathroom, a snake in the basement, and even a snake in the kitchen.  When a snake is loose in the house it can get very disorientating for both the homeowner and the snake. When you do find a snake in your home it is important to keep from contact with the snake. pay attention to where the snake is, if possible have someone keep an eye on it while you call The Wildlife Professionals. This will help the tech once on the property and increase the chance of snake removal on that visit. If the tech can not locate the snake other precautions will need to be implemented.

Snake Skin found in the attic in Lakeland, FL :
A snake skin in the attic means only one thing. There has been a snake in the attic. the question on your mind should be why? Snake tend to hang around areas that supply water, Shelter and most of all food. So if there is an snake in your attic that hung around long enough to shed a skin then why was it there in the first place? 
The answer is that snakes are just a red flag to an underlining issue you may not even know you had. Snakes feed off of insects, rodents, Bats and even other snakes. It is always best to call a professional.
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A list of all snakes in Florida venomous and non venomous is 
African Python, Apalachicola Lowlands Kingsnake, Atlantic Salt Marsh Snake, Banded Water Snake, Black Pine Snake, Black racer, Black swamp Snake, Blind Snake, Bluestripe Garter snake, Bluestripe Ribbon Snake, Boa Constrictor, Brahiny Blind Snake, Brownchin Racer Snake, Brown Water Snake, Burmese Python, Canebrake Rattlesnake, Central Florida Crowned Snake, Chicken Snake, Coachwhip Snake, Eastern Ribbon Snake, Copperhead Snake, Coral Snake, Cottonmouth Snake, Crayfish Snake, Crowned Snake, Dekay’s Brown Snake, Diamondback Rattlesnake, Eastern Hognose Snake, Eastern Indigo Snake, Eastern Rat Snake, Eastern Smooth earth snake, Everglades racer snake, Everglades Rat snake, Florida Green water snake, Florida King Snake, Florida Pine Snake, Florida Redbelly Snake, Florida Scarlet Snake, Grey Rat Snake, Green Snake, Key ringneck snake, Moccasin, Mole King Snake, Mud Snake, Pine Snake, Pine Woods Snake, Plain Belly water Snake, Pigmy rattlesnake, Queen Snake, Python, Racer, Rainbow Snake, Eastern Corn Snake, Red Rat Snake, Rim Rock Crowned Snake, Southern Copperhead snake and Yellow Belly Water Snake.
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