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Do you hear Noises in your walls at night in Kent?
Do you see a lot of bats around your Kent house?
Are you seeing a lot of bats around the pool in Kent?
Are you smelling a foul smell coming from the wall or attic space in Kent Ohio?
Have you seen bats fly out of you house, peak or eaves in Kent ?
Do you need a Kent Ohio Bat exclusion ?
Do you need Bat removal from Bat removal specialists in Kent Ohio?
Do you need Bat control By Bat control Specialists in Kent Ohio ?
Have you asked"How Do i get Bats out of my house?"

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In Kent Ohio Bats are of great benefit to the environment, however when bats take up residence in a home it can be a daunting task to evict them.

Bats typically take residence in attic spaces of Ohio homes, churches - other buildings. they can live there for years without the homeowner ever knowing.

This is a serious issue due to the amount of guano(droppings) that can accumulate. A Bat's guano carry many health hazards including histoplasmosis that  causes respiratory issues. Not to mention the weight of the accumulated guano will actually weigh down the ceiling -in some cases cause the ceiling to fail and fall into the living place.

Bats in Kent also have another secret weapon in their arsenal. most carry Bat bugs. Bat bugs are almost identical to bed bugs and cause the same issue. Bat bugs will feed on the blood of anything living and can be very difficult on their own to get rid of.

If you think you have bats in your attic or even if you suspect it is always a good idea to have and inspection. It is better to be safe than sorry in Bat control. The build up of Guano can be detrimental to your homes health and that of your family.
(Bat removal in Kent Ohio we had to cut into attic to get to this gigantic mound of Bat Guano, Call for inspection!)

The Wildlife Professionals of Kent Ohio are here to help. experienced, tried , true The Wildlife Professionals are ready and geared(literally) to tackle the job - do it right the first time!
Bat removal By experts in bat control in Kent Ohio Pest Animal control

We have delt with bat problems for years and found that in most cases there are a water source extremely close such as a pool, creek, river and a Kent Ohio lake. Bat removal in Kent can be a real nightmare for the do it your self er. bats can fit in very small places and sealing up the entrance does not always fix the issue.

Bats are tenacious creatures. they will work a house till they find a way in. once in your home bats in the attic space will start to build or re-build their colony. Kent Bats continually defecate and urinate while they are roosting. This can build up into a mound of guano(poop) and the weight can actually break through the drywall your ceiling is made of. 

Some Kent Ohio insurance companies will from time to time cover this damage so it is always good to call your local agent as well as your local wildlife expert. Your insurance agent will let you know if your coverage covers bat removal by bat control agents.

Bats can carry rabies, mites, hystoplasmosis, bat bugs(similar to bedbugs), flees, E coli,  Botulism, and many other disease causing agents. So bat removal can be dangerous on many levels. When dealing with bats it is always best to use wildlife removal companies rather than Pest control companies, pest control companies are great at bugs and insects, though wildlife companies such as The Wildlife Professionals of Kent specialize in bat removal and bat control.

Batsin Kent Ohio like all other cities are protected and we want to keep them safe. it is very important that when a wildlife control agent inspects your property the he/she makes sure that there are no infant or adolescent bats that can't fly. if there are baby bats in the attic space then the seal up will have to wait until the baby bats are old enough to be excluded from the property safely. this is typically from mid June to late August, though when temperatures are mild these gestation cycles can change and it is important that a tech trained in true bat removal and control be hired to inspect your property.

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