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Greensboro, NC Opossum Removal

Opossum Removal in Greensboro, NC |Opossum in the attic in Greensboro, NC |How to get rid of a Opossum in Greensboro, NC | Trap a Opossum in Greensboro, NC | I need a opossum trapped and removed| Opossum in the crawlspace in Greensboro, NC .

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Greensboro, NC 

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Opossums in Greensboro, NC 
Opossum have been around even longer than man, fossils have been found of opossum dating over 70 million years ago. They eat bugs such as beetles, cockroaches and snails and slugs are a delicacy to them, Cat food and dog food are also a favorite food for possums. Opossum will catch and eat roof rats and will even eat dead animals or carrion, this is one reason opossum are considered unhealthy to interact with in the wild. They thumbs on their hands and even their feet, they are fantastic climbers and are a marsupial.
Opossum can have up to two litters of baby opossum each year. They look for secure and safe places to have their young.

Opossum Removal in Greensboro, NC 

Opossum removal in paramount when the opossum has found its way into your crawlspace or attic, It is always best to hire a trained pest Animal or Wildlife Professional to trap and remove the opossum and perform a exclusion (repair) to keep them out. It is very important to have an exclusion due to the fact it is common for Rats, Skunks, Cats, Crows, Raccoons and even Coyotes will take up residence in the opossums absence.

Opossum in the crawlspace in Greensboro, NC 
Opossum do like dark and safe places to have their young and live. crawlspaces make a pretty handy place for a possum to live. They will tear into HVAC or heating and cooling ventilation or vents. So you could be heating and cooling an area for them to enjoy. The damage these opossum cause can be extensive.

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Opossum Defecation or Poop in the home in Greensboro, NC 
Just like every living animal opossum will defecate or poop, the problem with this is that opossums can not control when they poop. they will literally go when ever the urge arrives. Their feces contain a variety of disease and health issues. Always hire a professional to remove these harmful agents.

Opossum s in the attic in Greensboro, NC and Attic Restoration:
When an Opossum finds it way into the attic of your house or business it is best to have them removed immediately. The damage that they can cause in the attic or eaves of your property. Trapping the animal is only the first step, and exclusion and preventative work is the second. Third you must have the feces impacted insulation removed. You may need to have new insulation installed to keep a suitable R value. 
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