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Florence, SC Bat removal and bat control by attic bat removal experts in bat control in Florence SC

Bat Removal or to remove bats in Florence South Carolina can be difficult to say the least. A Bat Colony in the attic can spend a lot of time in the attic without notice of the homeowner. Typically it is when a lost young bat gets lost and finds it way into the house living area that most homeowners discover that they indeed have an bat issue.

A bat can enter gable vents and spaces the size of a few centimeters. typically they will cling to the gable louvers and their urine will eventually erode or breakdown the screen and they will enter the home, Although this is a frequent issue bats can actually fit in the smallest of spaces. A bat in the house can be scary. its always best to secure the area the bat is found until a professional can remove and inspect the home for more bat or wildlife issues.

The city and state of Florence South Carolina has specific guidelines for removing animals and animal control practices. It is important to find a experienced wildlife and animal control company to service your needs.

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Bat colony removal in Florence, SC
When a family of bats find their way into your home or business it is best to call your local Bat colony removal professional. The longer you wait to contact a wildlife removal company the more damage the bat colony can create for you and your home and or property.

Why do bats invade homes or business properties
Bats are simply looking for a safe place to build a family just like any other animal. Attic crawlspaces and chimney spaces are a great place for bats to feel safe. However when a bat colony has chose your property they will begin to defecate and urinate and guano ( bat droppings) will start to accumulate. 

Bat removal through licensed and experienced local bat removal and bat control experts in Florence South Carolina removing bats from attic spaces, from the garage, basement and chimney. When considering a bat control or bat removal professional it is important to look at all aspects of the bat removal company or business that you considering. A pest control company may not be the best fit to your wildlife conflict due to the fact that pest control companies deal mainly with insects and rodents and like to use insecticides and poisons which is only a temporary fix. Poisoning a bat infestation or colony is against the law both local and federal, so never use a company that proposes poisons.

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The best companies to look at are your local wildlife removal, wildlife control officer(WCO in most states) or a wild animal damage control business. Simply call and ask questions, a lot of them! An experienced bat removal agent will have the majority of the answers you are needed for your bat questions right over the phone. Once you have found a bat control business you feel comfortable with ; the wildlife control tech can inspect and give you options on bat removal and the bat feces or bat guano clean up and removal process. 

We specialize in Bat control in Florence, SC

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