The Wildlife Professionals 
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A Lexington, KY Nuisance Animal Removal

The Wildlife Professionals of Lexington, KY are the leading and premier nuisance wildlife removal and animal damage control company in Lexington. Our licensed technicians can inspect your property and identify any nuisance or pest control issue in your home, business or church.

Each year animal control issues continue to rise and our industry has and always will meet the demand for professional humane animal removal. Our technicians are trained in up to date methods and equipment to ensure proper and humane solutions to nuisance or pest animal control issues and the damage they cause. With exclusion and / or animal damage repair with a warranty you can rest assure that the nuisance conflict will be fixed and will not bother you in the future.

We can remove bat, snake, squirrel, raccoon, armadillo, mole, skunk, groundhog, opossum, rat, rodent, mouse, mice, bird, coyote, fox, geese, otter, beaver, vole, flying squirrel, copperhead snake, black snake, rat snake, animals in the attic, animals in the crawlspace, and even dead animal removal

The Wildlife Professionals
Lexington Kentucky

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